The municipality of Zwolle issued a team of international students from 038Games to develop a mobile escape room with Climate as the main theme. The escape room, ‘Adapt or BTrapped’, is all about climate change and it is up to the players to adapt to this to their best abilities. The escape room was revealed Hans Wijnen (water authority) and Ed Anker (alderman municipality Zwolle), accompanied by Cibap-director Coby Zandbergen and principal Hank Hagoort on the 23th of June 2020.

Do you have an event and do you want to give a message of social nature?

The Great Escape currently offers the Escape room in ready to play state for 950 euros a day, excl. 21% VAT.

  • Including transport to desired location within Overijssel
  • Including an experienced game host
  • Online reservation tool lets the participants make their own bookings
  • Possibilities for expansion in terms of marketing, puzzles and research

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