This breakfast could possibly be the most important part of your day… 

According to our guests playing one of our experiences gives you a lot of energy. ‘Once you are locked up together, working towards the same goal, your team finds a kind of drive.’ says one of our visitors.

Rush hour is usually during the afternoon or the evening for us. Corona made us all think more creativity and challenged us to be more flexible. A shift has happened in our daily schedules, from meetings to sports to leisure activities.

For this reason we thought it would be a good idea to start the day with a real kickstart

We will welcome our guests with a full, healthy, breakfast. Once you have finished your meal we aske you to make your way towards the spectacle that awaits..

What do we serve?

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– Rustic ryebread sandwiches with egg and chive salad
– Rustic ciabatta sandwiches with cream cheese, red pesto and lettuce.  (streepje staat verkeerd in NL versie)
– Half of a wrap with BBQ chicken, lettuce, corn, onion and cherry tomatoes.
– Half of a wrap with caprese, tomato tapenade, mozzarella, tomato, rucola and green olives
– Multigrain roll with pastrami, spicy mayonnaise and lettuce and tomato.
– Pastry with smoked salmon, cream cheese, lollo bionda, red onion and black olives
– Milk, fruit water and orange juice
– Coffee or tea
– One of our escapes

€ 35,- per person.


Would you like to book a breakfast deal right away? Or are you curious about other options? Fill out the sheet and we will contact you!