You need to experience this!
Challenge your child and their friends to an adventure in one of our Kids Escape Rooms.

In our Kids Escape Rooms the children will be the centre of attention in their very own adventure. The Lost Package and The Courtroom are both available as Kids Escape Rooms. We will adjust the music and special effect to the children’s age and our actors will guide them through our rooms in style. In case any children are frightened one of our actors can even enter the room with them without breaking character or taking away from the expierence.

Kids Escape – The Lost Package
In Kids Escape ‘The Lost Package’ the children will help a clueless mailman to find lost packages of high value. The packages seem to have disappeared from the post office and the mailman has no clue where to look for them. Can you help him find the lost treasures and are you able to figure out what happened to them?


Kids Escape – The Courtroom
Multiple strange incidents have occurred, of which you and your friends are the suspects! You get together with your lawyer to prepare your case and to chose a spokesperson. Your group has to defend itself in court, in front of the judge. Are you able to defend your case? Or do you have to escape through the backdoor….

This children’s party is put together especially for children who might have already played our other room or who are up for a little extra challenge.