Accompanied by you lawyer you enter the courtroom full of confidence. You lawyer promises you the trail will be just fine in the end. The legal system is fair in the Netherlands and there is no corruption. Right?

Suddenly the case gets a lot more intense than you were promised and you are starting to doubt whether justice will prevail. You might not be off the hook as easily as you expected…

You will experience your very own lawsuit at The Great Escape. You and your team will defend your case, supported by your lawyer. Only justice works in a different way in this courtroom compared to the rest of the country. The judge is a rough one and you are starting to get worried now. Are you really as innocent as you thought?

When playing a battle your group will be devided in two teams. The teams will enter our courtroom at the same time, partaking in their trail together. When it comes down to the escape, the two teams will play the exact same rooms simultaneously. Which team will be the first to escape?

Go home with an unforgettable experience and of course a picture so you can treasure this memory for a long time.

The Courtroom: not your everyday Escape Room!
The Courtroom is different from your typical escape room, it as an escape experience! Why? Because in the Courtroom you can progress in the game without solving all puzzles, the story will continue… Does your team solve all puzzles? Then you will be able to escape even more quickly.

Please note: Do you have a team member with a physical disability? Make sure to contact us beforehand so we can arrange any necessary adjustments.

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