A valuable parcel was dropped off at the old post office in Zwolle. They say it was shipped, but it was never delivered. You and your team of investigators enter the crime scene but it doesn’t take long for you to notice something is off. Will you be able to locate the valuable parcel? Or will you, just like the parcel, get lost in the hallways of the old post office…

Fifteen years after closing the old post office one of the old employees, Jacobus Post, has opened a new facility. But, valuable packages pretty much never arrive at their final destination. As soon as you and your team enter the building you notice something strange is going on. Jacobus, who now also lives at the post office, seems to have lost some of his marbles. And his colleagues? They seem to be working on a double agenda.

Are you able to work out what is going on at the post office? And  can you find out where the valuable parcel is located? Show your skills in the Lost Package at The Great Escape. Go home with an unforgettable experience and of course a picture so you can treasure this memory for a long time.

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