What is Virtual Reality?
Virtual Reality is a computer generated simulation of a three dimensional image that can be interacted with in a seemingly real way by a person using special goggles. You can look around and everything you see will move with you. It is as if you are in the middle of a computer game, or as if you are walking over a plank at a height of a hundred meters.

How does Virtual Reality work?
You get an HTC VIVE pair of goggles. Because of these goggles, you will feel like you are in the surroundings that are projected onto the screen inside your goggles. The headphones make sure that you also experience the sounds from the projected surroundings. It feels real, it is as if you walk around in these projected surroundings.

Where to find the Virtual Reality Rooms?.
You can find the Virtual Reality Rooms at Burgemeester Drijbersingel 19 at Zwolle, it is in the same building as The Great Escape Zwolle.

Who is it for?!
Virtual Reality is for everyone aged between 8 and 100 years, it is for techno phobes and gamers!

What is the capacitiy for the VR-Experience?
There are two rooms, which are both suitable fro 1-4 players, together these rooms have a capacity of 8 people. You can also choose to play with 6 people and to reserve for two extra pairs of goggles, in which case you can play multiplayer.

Is it possible to combine the VR-Experience with an Escape room?
Yes, of course! You can book all our spaces through the website, either before or after an Escape room. There will be time to have a drink in The Key in between games, after which you will be escorted to your next game.

Do you have any packages available in combination with The VR-Experience?
Certainly! The packages are available for both the Escape room as as well as The VR-Experience. Click on the button ‘packages’ to read more on what is on offer.

Are group bookings available for the VR-Experience?
The VR-Experience is perfectly suitable for team building events, family outings, stag and hen do’ and company days out. We offer different packages and we also cater for larger groups in combination with the Escape rooms. In the VR space we can provide you with some nibbles and drinks.

We would like to have a package for our company with which we can have a meeting and to play The VR-Experience, is this possible?
This certainly is available, we have several options available to create the right package for you for the day. Please contact us by sending an email or give us a call to discuss the options.

Will there be any assistance?
Yes, there is someone to help you at all times.

How does it work with more than one player?
There is one pair of goggles available in each VR room, so you are taking turns. You won’t feel left out because of the screens on which you can see exactly what the person who is wearing the goggles experiences. It is especially funny to see how someone who is for example afraid of heights experiences his fear while he is still on the ground.

Do I have to make a reservation?
You always need a reservation in order to use the VR Room, you can do this through the reservations page on the webiste or you can send us an e-mail.

What to do if we are with more than four people?
In this case you can book two spaces. If you are with more than 8 people, you could book it in combination with one of the Escape Rooms.

Is there somewhere to have a drink?
Yes, our cosy bar het OM can provide you with the necessary drinks.

Would I enjoy it even when I don’t like video games?
Absolutely! Virtual Reality is a really exciting experience which you need to have done!

Are you the only Virtual Reality room in Zwolle?
Yes, we are the only provider of Virtualy Reality in Zwolle at this moment in time.