Are you looking for an online escape room, including actors, for a large group? Sign your team up (10/300 people) and tell your colleagues you need to discuss the company numbers. You have called in an accountant to go over these number with you to make sure you get the picture right. One of our actors will join your meeting disguised as an accountant, they will share their screen and access your online environment. That is when everything goes south, you fall prey to a well known hacker…

From here on it is up to you to work together in small groups in order to retain your personal information before the hacker sells it on the dark web. The teams will compete in order to retrain the information as quickly as possible.

There will be live assistance for hints and help during the online escape room

A strong introduction and an exciting experience that lasts approximately 90 minutes (max. 2 hours)
Online game
Connection and team work with colleague
Good story and brain teasers during the game
Competition in a team with a winner
10 – 250 people
19,50,- per person, minimum of 312,- per group


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