This escape game is playable with friends, colleagues or you family at home! You can play together in one location or online through video connection.

Dive into the thrilling story and figure out what happened in this interactive game filled with surprised.

 2 to 6 participants
Anticipated playing time 1,5 to 2,5 hours
 A thrilling storyline with brainteaser, both online and offline
Recieve a package will all items needed to play

Playing from the same house?
You will receive one package to use with your team at home. The package will include everything you will need to start the game. Be aware: Some puzzles are online and require a PC with USB-port.

Playing from different houses?
We will send multiple packages to the assigned addresses. Stay in touch with your team members through an online video connection such as Zoom or Teams. Good team work is crucial, everyone will receive a different part of the information you will need to solve the case. Be aware: Every participating address needs a PC/tablet with USB-port.