An adventure at The Great Escape is of course not complete without a bite and a drink. The Great Escape has its own bar where we can arrange food and drinks to your taste. We serve refreshments from morning to evening, no matter if you are a party of 5 or 30 people. It is possible to schedule an entire morning, afternoon or evening at The Great Escape. Imagine, coffee and pastries, a complete lunch, a barbecue or buffet.

It is also possible to combine your escape room adventure with a lovely dinner in the city. The Great Escape has combined forces with multiple restaurants in Zwolle. Whether you are out with friends our colleagues, we can offer you a fitting deal.

Groups of (at least) 5 people:
Are you a group of at least five people? Then you can combine your escape with a visit to one of the four restaurants we work with in Zwolle. They are all within walking distance from our venue! We can welcome you at our venue with a drink & bite, afterwards you will play one (or more) of our rooms and you will end your day at the restaurant of your liking.

Groups of (at least) 20 people:
Is your group made up of more than 20 people? Then we can arrange a complete buffet at our venue. Interested in a buffet for a large group? Fill out the contact form or send an e-mail, we will contact you to arrange an experience catered to your needs.