Common goal, communication, division of roles and division of tasks: that’s business, right?

These are indeed the aspects within business life and also in the  escape room! In an escape room, the natural process of team formation emerges through these different aspects. All participants are in the same, new situation where the classic division of roles and teamwork from the company is subjected to a new form of collaboration that requires the design of a strategy, a good approach and a collection of tools to achieve a  common goal.

How did this division of roles come about and what aspects of this are in line with the tasks on the shop floor or communication with each other?

The observation of the psychologists during the game, with prior consultation with the initiator, team leader, manager or supervisor of the team, provides substance for an inspiring session for team development.

Recently with this item we also appeared on ‘NOS on 3’! Check out the film below for a small impression of this inspiring session!

Do you have an idea for more than just a teambuilding activity and maybe even more? Please get in touch!

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