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Working towards a communal goal, communication and dividing tasks: all ingredients for team building. These skills are needed at work, but also in our Escape Rooms. You can only escape if you work together and function as a team. This is what makes our Escape rooms the perfect place to work on team building.

All participants are being placed in a completely new environment, where they have to use their skills in a different way. We ask the participants to put together a strategy and figure out a way to work towards their communal goal: escaping the room!

Looking for specific feedback on your team? Choose Teambuilding PRO
How does your team work, why do people choose the roles they pick up? What behaviour and communicating styles showed in the escape room correspond with your work life? When you choose Teambuilding PRO a psychologist or coach specialised in employment and teambuilding will observe your game. Before coming to us to play the coach will contact the manager to talk through expectations and possible goals making sure you will get the results you


Do you have an idea for more than just a teambuilding activity and maybe even more? Please get in touch!

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